Interracial Cupid Dating Review, part of the Cupid Media network with many specialist dating sites, promises to help people interested in interracial dating connect. Across the US, interracial relationships now make up over one in seven marriages, and couples need a place to meet. With 12,000 members and growing, the site promises to help people find love and friendship. The question is does this site deliver on its promises?



  • InterracialCupid has a number of features that separate it from other interracial dating sites,
  • Using Cupid Media’s extensive experience, the platform is easy to use and puts user safety first.
  • It allows you to connect with thousands of potential partners across the US and further afield.
  • The site supports free membership, with Gold and Platinum levels unlocking more features.
  • InterracialCupid is well laid out and easy to use, on a desktop or on a tablet.


The foremost thing that stands out is the search and match function. At first, searching seems to bring up too many matches from the extensive number of options. However, it is easy to use the filters to find exactly what you want. Another useful feature is the use of 00 Cupid Tags,’ which allow you to narrow down your search criteria and find the perfect match.

The interface is clean and well designed, and the well-polished site is easy to use, even for users with limited computer ability. It is just at home on a desktop as it is as an App, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to navigate the site The site offers an inbuilt translation function, available with premium membership, which helps you translate messages. Overall, the site is easy to navigate via the menu bar, doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary clutter, and is well laid out


One big advantage is that InterracialCupid it isn’t one of those dating sites that demands you sign up and pay a lot of money just to use the basic features. Instead, the site lets you look around, and access photos and the last logged in dates for users, even with a free account. You can even sort searches by last logged date to make sure that the results give you the most active users.

Signing up to the site is very easy and requires just an email address before filling out your personal details. The only problem is that it can take quite a while to fill out the details, but considering that the site is very good at matching you with the right person, it is worth it. It’s even easier if you sign up with FaceBook, because the site will use that data to complete your profile, saving time You can fill in the bare minimum or complete the optional al7 personality’ section to help you stand out

The other useful feature is the safety function, which allows you to remain anonymous to other users until you feel ready to share your contact information. This is an important feature that all dating sites should provide.


Overall, the site does exactly what it claims, and it is a great place for developing an interracial relationship. Whether you are after a life partner or want to find friends with the same interests, InterracialCupid’s easy interface, comprehensive search functions, and extensive user base make it a good place to start. You can sign up for a free membership to look around and get a feel for the place.